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Conference Catering

We offer a range of flexible and scalable conference catering options tailored to suit your conference's needs. Conference components include hydration stations, coffee & snacks, breakfast, hot and cold buffet lunch, bowl food, food stations, networking receptions, and dinner. If your conference is multi-day, we will ensure the menus give your guests a varied offering.

Coming soon – Crucial Cuisine Delegate Rate. Contact us for details.


To help top and tail your conference day and support networking opportunities, we offer a breakfast buffet to kick start the day and a canapé reception to round out the day.

Crucial Cuisine Canape Event.jpg
Crucial Cuisine Hot Buffet.jpg


A variety of lunch offerings to suit your conference lunch timings and format. Options include: bowl food as a speedy option for a standing lunch. Hot buffet for delegates to sit and enjoy a heartier meal. Mezze, ploughman’s, sandwich & salad cold fork buffet as lighter options.

Refreshment Breaks

Generous servings of coffee and speciality teas at those key moments: arrival, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon. Choose snacks that suit your conference, from mini pastries, biscuits, and cakes to grab packs of nuts, crisps, and protein bars. Add juices, water, cans of soft drinks, and a hydration station for delegates to refill water bottles.

Crucial Cuisine Coffee Station.jpg
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